the pageant, st. louis

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  1. Jared says:

    My soul was reborn.

    Absolutely amazing concert.

  2. Nathaniel says:

    This was the best show I have ever seen. Jared hit the nail above. Music of the northern landscapes…I was blown away with Jonsi’s energy.

  3. Vanessa says:

    This was honestly a life-altering experience in every single way shape and form. On one hand I’m super thankful I got to go, and on the other I’m sad – Every concert from this point on will seem pathetic compared to this! haha.

  4. Matthew Brown says:

    Jonsi’s showcase of what I say is an unbeatable best album of the year followed suit by being an incredible concert. The energy, the transitions, the animations of animals, the drums, the KICK drum that physically started to pound my chest, became a manifestation of these songs in the most dynamic and full exposition they could ever attain, this side of eternity. I will always remember Grow Till Tall during a thunderstorm now, or feel a thunderstorm when I listen to it.

  5. Doug says:

    If you get a chance to see Jonsi, do it. It was unlike any concert I have been to. The finale was spectacular with Grow Till Tall. Only hope I can see Jonsi or Sigur Ros at least one more time in my life.

  6. Rose Ganley says:

    I have been to 4 shows this tour (!) and this was the best hands down. The atmosphere and energy was so great, I really hope the band enjoyed playing here as much as I enjoyed seeing them. Sticks and Stones was fantastic! The audience was a great mix of old and young; there was this 11-year old kid next to me, and Jónsi kept coming over to sing right in front of him. When they all came out for their bow, he came back over and clapped for him, too, it was really cute! I actually got to meet Jónsi and Alex after the show, and they were so gracious and nice. Jónsi even poked me in the stomach when I told them I was seeing the show again in Chicago the next day :) I hope they all had a good time bowling after the show, and always keep us in mind when going on any kind of tour, because we love your music!!!

  7. Richard King says:

    My first concert I had ever been to and literally amazed by Jonsi as well as the opening act it truly made an impact on my life thank you for coming to St.Louis.

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