vega, copenhagen

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8 Responses to “vega, copenhagen”

  1. Anders Hoppe says:

    thank you! it’s was beautiful

  2. Oisín says:

    Brilliant show. Much, much, much better than the 26 May gig in London. So much energy, so much sass this time around.

    Úlfur could obviously only use eight or nine of his fingers, because of his injured thumb, but he seemed to have great fun nonetheless. So did everyone else.

    Worst downside to the show was that the air-conditioning was broken, so it was boiling hot. But that’s a niggle at most. The rest of the show was fantastic.

  3. lini says:

    I am from Brazil and I have always wondered how Sigur Rós/Jónsi concert would be considering the intensity of the songs. I have always wondered I would feel my whole body quite floating or sinking (something that reminds being extremely slow and light at same time) and my head would be plugged out of my body. It is almost like that. Lights, great projections and his voice is surreal and sounds exactly as it does on the cds.
    It is a concert to be felt more than to be watched. If you have the chance to watch Jónsi in a small place like I did today – Vega, Copenhagen -, please go…and reserve a front seat. Jónsi is full of energy and he exhales the songs, he suffers, he feels, he make your worries tiny…he inspired.
    he spends 90% of the concert playing and singing with his eyes closed, seems to be in trance – just like you will feel while listen.

  4. F says:

    An evening full of love, warmth, tears, happiness, sadness, energy, rest, end, beginning – life.

    Thank you so much Jónsi for being there and give what you give. And not to forget the band – your all also fantastic!

  5. Joe & Viktor says:

    After seeing Jónsi Way Out West in Gothenburg, it was an easy decision to experience the band again and take the car to Copenhagen. Despite a sizzling hot concert hall, it was worth every mil. Once again impressed with the whole band and especially the drummer. Closure To Grow Tall is one of the best performace I’ve seen from a scene. Simply breath taking!!

  6. Eireen says:

    Jonsi, thank you very much for your outstanding show! It can’t be written how I felt during your show – I wanted to sing, and laugh, and dance, and even cry… It was so amazing, that I want more, I want to repeat those feelings…
    I came to Denmark from Russia specially for you – so I wanted to look at legendary frontman of Sigur Ros :) It would be very awesome, if you one day visit my distant country – fans here are looking forward ror you, Jonsi.


  7. Helgí says:

    I couldn’t agree more to all of the comments above.

    I think it was a beautiful and moving experience. I think it showed how well the thing happening behind the band (the animations) can emphesize what is happening on stage. The animations was absolutlly brilliant. This concert was more a total experience rather than a pure musical dito

    I also think the drummer/precussionist did a absolutlly brilliant job. I love his ferocity and power.

    Jonsí himself was soulful and mysterious. The combining his artestry and his musicality in perfect harmony

    The only improvement I could see was that I would liked to been sitting rather than standing and the temprature was quite pressing for the most part. So next time book a Concert hall. You will not dance anyway, its more like opera or ballet, you experiencing it.

  8. (k) says:

    we traveled from san francisco, california (usa) to see jónsi play here, and it was completely worth it. temperature aside, it was excellent experience. we saw him play toronto, where the set was, i think, bigger (at least, it included more screens), but i don’t think it was a detraction at all to see this seemingly smaller set. the show is always amazing; the animation always gorgeous. jónsi’s vocals live are as melodic and other-worldly as they are on record and the percussion was absorbing. i am very excited to have the opportunity to see the show once again (in oakland) and have even convinced some people who do not (yet) follow jónsi to come with me. if the october show is as well produced as the toronto and copenhagen shows, i’m sure jónsi will be gaining some more fans.

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