introducing jónsi’s live band

introducing jónsi’s live band

since jónsi’s tour began in april, we’ve heard from quite a few people wanting to know more about these enigmatic icelandic dudes joining jónsi on stage to bring the songs to life. well here’s a start, an idiot’s guide to jónsi’s live band.

úlfur from jónsi's live band

bass/monome: úlfur hansson

úlfur brings an androgynous beauty to the set up. loves obscure electronic music and, at the other end of the spectrum, black metal. actually plays in a “blackened hardcore” band back home, as well as making knob-twiddling computer nonsense built out of field recordings. avid knitter. works in iceland’s premier thrift store, sputnik. such a nerd that he actually does play dungeons & dragons at the weekends. at 22, the baby of the bunch

óbó from jónsi's live band

piano/perc/keys: ólafur björn ólafsson aka óbó

óbó brings an intellectual intensity to the band, especially with those buddy holly horn-rims. played drums with múm and nix noltes at various points, but studied piano and later composition at the same school as kjartan from sigur ros back home. likes riding his gary fischer mountain bike round reykjavik, running and reading philosophy. aquarius. not nico muhly. “that makes me sound like sting,” he grumbles.

alex from jónsi's live band

keys/guitar: alex somers.

jonsi’s bf, co-producer and artistic collaborator on last year’s ambient triumph ‘riceboy sleeps’. raw food evangelist, who plays against type by often being the secret party animal in the band. unfamiliar with the concept of mornings, except under extreme duress. loves joe meek, girl groups, and filthy b-more hip hop – like every good maryland boy.


guitar/vocals: jón þór birgisson.

sometime singer of sigur rós and fulltime workaholic. has about 4 or 5 separate projects on the go at any given time. much more silly than his public persona allows, but at heart a deep and alluring enigma.

doddi from jónsi's live band

drums/perc/keys: thorvaldur thór thorvaldsson aka doddi

jonsi only works with live drummers born on the 4th of july, this being his second after orri from sigur ros. for his part, jonsi is doddi’s second ‘jonsi’ after a stint bashing skins for iceland’s eurovision entry. doddi is something of a wild card, loose horse, dark cannon. happy to do all the r’n’r behaviour on behalf of everyone. seldom seen backstage with a shirt on. studied percussion in florida. one of the great icelandic drummers, more or less unknown at home.

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