jónsi - we bought a zoo

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jónsi's soundtrack to cameron crowe's film we bought a zoo was released in december 2011. the album comprises over 30 minutes of brand new music from jónsi, including two new full-length tracks ævin endar (life ends) & gathering stories as well as nine shorter “theme” pieces. the album also comprises re-imagining’s of songs from jónsi’s debut solo album “go” and “hoppípolla” by sigur rós.

in december 2011, jónsi and director cameron crowe got together at a q&a in new york to discuss the soundtrack, on-set musical inspiration and their collaboration on track gathering stories. watch the q&a here.

01. why not?
02. ævin endar
03. boy lilikoi
04. sun
05. brambles
06. sinking friendships
07. we bought a zoo
08. hoppípolla (by sigur rós)
09. snærisendar
10. sink ships
11. go do
12. whole made of pieces
13. humming
14. first day
15. gathering stories